Problem Travel Plan

Q. How do I book a car?
A. Select the service you want to avail, fill in the details in the form, we will send back a mail or call you to confirm the booking.

Q. How and when to make payments by Cheque/ Deman Draft/ Cash?
A. Yoy are required to make the payment at the end of the journey. The payment is required to make only in cash.

Q. Do I have to share the car with other passengers?
A. No Sir! The car is booked for your exclusive use and travel.

Q. What do we offer?
A. We will pick you up from Mumbai Airport (International / Domestic) or Pune Airport the moment your flight lands and you are free to proceed onwards. Even if your flight is delayed, you can be rest assured that there is somebody waiting for you to arrive at the airport delays acceptable upto 2 hours only). Our driver will be holding a placard with your name or your company’s name written on it. He will personally pick up and transfer the luggage into our car and will assist you to make yourself comfortable in it.